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Manuscripts in basic animal and veterinary science, poultry science and veterinary clinical medicine are all considered. There is no restriction on the length of research papers and reviews; however, authors are encouraged to be concise. Short research communications and case reports are limited to be under 2500 words.

Instructions For Authors

Submission Process

  • Manuscripts should be submitted Online, click the submit your manuscript link from www.bvasr.com site or can mail the manuscript to bvasr2015@gmail.com. The use of an online submission speeds up the process, enables immediate distribution, and allows authors to track the status of their own manuscripts. If assistance is needed for any technical reason, the Editorial Office can be contacted and will readily provide any help to users for manuscript submission.
  • Preparation of manuscript

  • The language of the journal is English. Manuscripts must be written carefully and concisely as per the journal instructions otherwise it will result in unnecessary delay in publication process. Manuscript must be submitted only by online submission for speedy review and publication. The manuscripts must be typed with 12 point Times New Roman font (Double space line) in MS Word. Typing sheet should be of A4 size, page numbering at lower right corner and have a margin of 2.5 cm (all side). The paper must be arranged as follows:
  • Title:

  • Title phrase should be clear and descriptive.
  • Authors: Names of authors should be in capitals.
  • Address: Address of the institution where the work was carried out be given below the name(s) of author(s). Corresponding authors name, address and email address is compulsory.
  • Abstract: The Abstract should be informative, self-explanatory, briefly present the topic. The Abstract should be in about 100 to 150 words. No literature should be cited.
  • Key words:

  • Not more than 8 that will provide indexing references should be listed.
  • Introduction:

  • Introduction should be brief and should be pertinent to the theme of the paper.
  • Materials and Methods:

  • It should comprise the experimental design and techniques, if known methods have been adopted, then only references to be cited.
  • Results and Discussion:

  • Result and discussion should be combined, to avoid repetition. The results should not be repeated in both tables and figures. The discussion should relate to the significance of the observations.
  • Tables and Figures:

  • Tables and figures must be typed on separate sheets. A concise heading and number should appear above and the explanations below. Photographs (300 dpi) must be clear, highly contrasted.
  • References:

  • References should be cited in the text by author name(s) and year. A List of all the references quoted should be provided at the end of the paper. It should be prepared alphabetically with surname of all the authors followed by these initials and year of publication in brackets. The titles of the articles should be mentioned. Standard abbreviations of the journal should be used and be typed in italics. Volume numbers need to be in bold type and pagination in normal type.
  • Journal:

  • Patil, M.R., Bannalikar, A.S., Dighe, V.D., Barbuddhe, S.B. 2014. Fingerprinting of Brucella isolates by pulse field gel electrophoresis (PFGE). Ind. J. Vet. Res. 23, 42-47.
  • Book:

  • Collins, D.S., Huey, R.J., Gracey's Meat Hygiene. Wiley-Blackwell, West Susex, UK, pp. 180-210.
  • Web Site:

  • [Internet] WHO: Geneva, Switzerland. Summary of probable SARS cases with onset of illness from 1 November 2002 to 31 July 2003. Revised 26 September 2003.
  • http://www.who.int/csr/sars/country/table2003_09_23/en/
  • [Internet] Kornberg R.
  • http://nobelprize.org/nobel_prizes/chemistry/laureates/2006/press.html


  • Please add DOI wherever available.
  • Tables and Figures

  • Tables and figures must be typed on separate sheets. A concise heading and number should appear above and the explanations below. Photographs (300 dpi) must be clear, highly contrasted.
  • Citation of Tables and Figures:

  • Tables and Figures should be numbered consecutively. Citation of tables and figures should use the format: Table 1, Table 2, . . .Figure 1, Figure 2, ... (or Fig. 1, Fig. 2, ...). Parts in a figure can be identified by A, B, C, D, ... . and cited as Fig. 2A, Fig. 2B, Fig. 2C. However, the abbreviation of "Table" to "Tab." for example "Tab. 1" should be avoided.
  • The size of the figures should not exceed 40 x 30 cm. They must be capable of withstanding a reduction by 4 times.

    Publication Charges

  • Published articles of Bulletin of Veterinary and Animal Science Research (BVASR) are open access and full texts. On acceptance of the article for publication, a Publication Charge (Rs. 3000/- for an Indian article and US$ 100 for a foreign article) must be sent to the Journal office. Instruction for payment is sent during publication process as soon as manuscript is accepted. Processing fee is required to cover the cost of publication, and should be paid before copyediting and publication. Corresponding author will be provided fifty reprints on gratis.
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